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Dwiggins Uncial is based on calligraphy by William Addison Dwiggins that he created for a self-penned short story, which appeared as an insert in the book-arts publication The Dolphin in 1935. This self-described “experimental uncial” lettering features rather unusual treatments of letterforms which combine manuscript calligraphy with modern idiosyncrasies.

Dwiggins Extras is a set of decorative extras features 62 stencil and woodblock motifs adapted from abstract and representational Dwiggins designs. Although Dwiggins illustrated a number of books using conventional media, he is best known for his method of illustration that uses a series of hand-cut celluloid stencils or what he called “machine ornaments.” With these stencils Dwiggins (and other designers who use his ornaments) build-up repeated motifs and patterns into abstract designs and/or representational images which have a look that is uniquely Dwiggins’ own. Unlike other illustrators, Dwiggins’ style has not been commonly imitated and therefore his style is as distinctive today as it was 70 years ago.

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Book: William Addison Dwiggins: Stencilled Ornament and Illustration

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