About Barabajagal

P22 Barabajagal is a unique take on the display fat face by way of doodling fun. Somewhat informed by the shapes of an early 1970s film type called Kap Antiqua Bold, this font’s aesthetic is the stuff of boundless energy and light humour, where an uncommon “peak” angle drawing perspective results in sturdy trunks, fat bottom curls, and active ascenders eager for mobility in space.

This is the kind of font that makes you wonder whether it was drawn with rulers, protractors and compasses, or just by a mad doodler’s crazy-good free hand. Regardless, Barabajagal easily turns the geometry of modern forms into an exercise in sugar-loaded fun.

It’s a very good tool to use in design geared at kids and young adults, such as food and toy packaging, books, animation, cartoons and games.   

Barabajagal comes with over 550 glyphs, lots of alternates, and a few ligatures and swash caps. It also contains extended support for Latin languages.

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