Yule Regular AaBbCc123
Yule Klein Regular AaBbCc123
Yule Klein Heavy AaBbCc123
Yule Inline AaBbCc123
Yule Heavy AaBbCc123
Yule Heavy Snow AaBbCc123
Yule Light Flurries AaBbCc123
Yule Set (3 fonts)
Yule Regular
Yule Regular... AaBbCc123
Yule Inline
Yule Inline... AaBbCc123
Yule Heavy
Yule Heavy... AaBbCc123
Yule Complete Family (7 fonts)
Yule Heavy
Yule Heavy... AaBbCc123
Yule Heavy Snow
Yule Heavy Snow... AaBbCc123
Yule Inline
Yule Inline... AaBbCc123
Yule Klein Heavy
Yule Klein Heavy... AaBbCc123
Yule Klein Regular
Yule Klein Regular... AaBbCc123
Yule Light Flurries
Yule Light Flurries... AaBbCc123
Yule Regular
Yule Regular... AaBbCc123
About Yule

P22 Yule is a series of display fonts inspired by a mélange of ancient inscriptional writing, with visual references to Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Medieval, and even a bit of ancient Greek and roman letterforms.

Yule is exotic yet familiar and evocative of winter holidays. It has an Alpine look, lending itself to the thoughts of chalets and fondue. Yule Heavy Snow is blanketed in the white stuff, while Yule Light Flurries is dusted with snowflakes. With the addition of the Klein style, which includes a lowercase, Yule becomes infinitely more usable. The Klein variations can work well as an alternative to Neuland when you need the versatility of a lowercase.

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