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P22 Preissig Calligraphic was originally designed by Czech typographer, artist, and designer Vojtěch Preissig (1873–1944). Preissig developed this type design in 1928 and has remained unpublished until recently. One can only speculate why this wonderful design was never produced into a commercially available typeface. His original designs feature an accompanying italic as well as small caps. Preissig had originally named the typeface design after his former employer in New York, Butterick Publishing Co. The ‘Butterick’ typeface retains the angularity of his previous typeface, Preissig Antiqua (AKA P22 Preissig Roman), but displays a more fluid calligraphic influence.

P22 Preissig Calligraphic was started shortly after Richard Kegler saw the original drawings in an exhibit in Prague in 2004. A sympathetic security guard allowed a few photographs and the contraband images fueled a development of the typefaces. The design simmered for many years and is now ready to enter the world of contemporary design.

P22 Preissig Calligraphic is a 2 font family that contains the originally designed small caps as an OpenType feature, as well as all the necessary diacritical to cover most European languages.

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