About Nudgewink

P22 Nudgewink is a funky font family with humorous retro 1960s attitude and crazy bouncy baseline now in four weights (That is one louder!)

Each character in the Pro fonts has four different variations accessible with any OpenType friendly application. The "P22 Randomizer" feature makes sure that variations of each letter keep the look of hand lettering with slight variations of up to four versions of the same letter appearing automatically. Along with stylistic alternates, Pro versions include automatic fractions, ligatures, superiors, inferiors, ordinals and a whole bunch of groovy graphic dingbats.

With all these options at your disposal, dynamic handcrafted effects can be achieved with just a little bit of goofing around.

So check it out, load it up and turn it on!

The original version of Nudgewink released by P22 in 2009 was an all Caps. This new version allows for a much wider range of use. As an introductory offer, the Nudgewink fonts are 30% off until July 30, 2018

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