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P22 Music Pro is a unique font system that allows the user to compose music with text editing and page layout programs capable of OpenType features and contextual substitutions. The OpenType features speed up the composing process by adding chords, contextual accidentals (sharps and flats), contextual key signatures and time signatures. P22 Music Pro covers a wide range of symbols and notation used in traditional western music composition.

The font also expands on the concept used in the Music Text Composition Generator, an online application that imposes a series of substitutions on the users text to yield an unexpected composition. The Music Pro font is able to perform these same substitutes within your OpenType layout program, as well as adding word-to-chord substitutions.

P22 Music Pro requires an application that uses OpenType features and is capable of contextual substitutions, such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator.

P22 Music is the companion, non-pro font and is sold separately. P22 Music also contains music symbols and notation and is suited for layout and text edit applications such as Microsoft Word that do not support Pro OpenType features. Unlike the P22 Music Pro font, the music symbols in the non-pro font are not tied to the staff lines, making them more useful for general design purposes. Staff lines are included as a separate character.

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