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P22 Graciosa is a five font family based upon designs for a metal type by Carlos Winkow (1882–1952), a German type designer who lived and worked in Spain in the early 20th Century. Graciosa is a sort of hybrid blackletter/text font, with simplified blackletter caps and a serifed lowercase with subtle script flare. There is a Regular, Black, an open version called White, and an engraved version called Gris. The version called Multi serves as a fill font to allow for multi-colored layering options.

A revival of these designs was initiated by Matthias Beck in 2015. The character set was expanded for use in 21 languages (OpenType Standard). The digitization and reintroduction of these old fonts—created in Spain and practically forgotten—makes them regain a new life. This project was subsidized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

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