This font contains glyphs, a sample of which is shown above.
Goudy Initials AaBbCc123
Goudy Initials Fill AaBbCc123
Goudy Initials Flora AaBbCc123
About Goudy Initials

LTC Goudy Initials has been a best-seller since it was reformatted to font format by P22 in 2005. We decided that while it works very well at medium sizes, when it was used extra large, the outlines were not as true to Frederic Goudy’s 1917 drawings as they could be. We decided to redraw from the ground up—and here we have the NEW LTC Goudy Initials! Meticulously redrawn by Miranda Roth, these ornaments referenced original proofs of large sizes of Cloister Initials. In our quest for artwork for this project, we even arranged a quickly sold out recasting of the 120 point size and have produced a limited edition letterpress print from this casting

This new digital version features two additional layers to allow for quick colorizing of the central Letter and/or the floriated background. Registered users of the previous version of LTC Goudy Initials may upgrade to the set at a discount.

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The recasting of Cloister initials in 2014
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