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HWT Etta is a fun display typeface that has two styles: East and West! Its two variations ensure you have maximum wood type swagger in every display size that you might want. This fresh design takes a cue from the wild design experimentation that was happening in the heyday of mid 19th Century wood type—but filtered through 1960s photo-type sensibilities and served up for today’s design needs.

Etta West is a decorative inline style and the Etta East is a whimsical reverse contrast style. They live together harmoniously, with their own specific flavors. Practically speaking, both styles are intended for display use, so use them big and use them proudly! Set your XXL size titles in West and your L to XL size types in East. As different as they might look at first, both fonts share a common DNA—Don’t be shy about using them together.

The HWT Etta font is part of the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum’s Type Legacy Project. In keeping with the project, Etta is named after Etta Shove Hamilton, who was J.E. Hamilton’s wife and the company’s first bookkeeper.

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