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Canadian designer Patrick Griffin made P22 Counter as an exercise in exploring the limits of counter-space and interchangeability between extremely geometric and standard calligraphic forms. Within a field of solid stems and horizontal strokes, parallel lines and curves play the role of counterparts to define square and round shapes, making what’s revealed just as interesting as what’s withheld.

Each of the three basic Counter fonts stakes its own aesthetic territory, from clean basic minimalism, through the nostalgia of exuberantly pixel-based design, and on to calligraphic-cum-typographic, all within clear and precise geometric parameters. Counter Pro comes with that entire range included in a single font, giving its user the ability to move freely in a visual space and counter-space that can be defined by more than 1450 glyphs.

While all the fonts come with extended Latin language support, P22 P22 Counter Pro includes all three fonts in one font, plus many alternates, swashes and ending forms that are not available in the basic fonts.

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