This font contains glyphs, a sample of which is shown above.
Counter Cursive AaBbCc123
Counter Cursive Pro AaBbCc123
Counter Swash Alts AaBbCc123
Counter Hack AaBbCc123
Counter Line AaBbCc123
About Counter

Designed by Canada Type principal Patrick Griffin, P22 Counter is a very geometric font based on parallel strokes. The Cursive and Swash Alts styles were based on the idea for an uncredited film face called Whitley, published by a little known English typesetting house in the early 1970s. Line & Hack are extrapolations of the above. Single styles are offered in basic OpenType with linguistic support for Central and Eastern European, Turkish, Baltic, Celtic/Welsh and Esperanto character sets. Counter Cursive Pro combines Cursive & Swash Alts.

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