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Tuscan wood types cover a fairly wide range of styles, and there is sometimes confusion over what is classified as a Gothic Tuscan and what is considered an Antique Tuscan. HWT American Chromatic and P22 Tuscan Expanded are more precisely faces of the Antique Tuscan variety. Gothic Tuscans are generally absent of the heavy serifs typically associated with their Antique Tuscan brethren (although decorative bifurcation of terminals can imply serifs). Additional internal decoration with spikes along the stems gives some Tuscans their distinctive look—these faces are often described as “Circus Types.”

Tuscan Extended is an extremely wide design, with a distinctive slab crossbar running through the center of most characters. Each letter is a complex system in its own right—this typeface is best used very large in short headline work. This style defies falling clearly into either the Antique Tuscan or Gothic Tuscan category.

The new HWT version of Tuscan Extended has been meticulously redrawn by Frank Greißhammer. During production, he also incorporated a number of new letterforms, bringing the font to over 300 characters (including a full ASCII character set and Central European accented characters).

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Tuscan Extended background on Behance
Tuscan Extended Specimen PDF

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