About Schneeberger

In this font from graphic arts veteran Tracy Sabin, his trademark whimsy and playfulness are exhibited in spades. Sabin takes a multitude of influences, from mid-century art nouveau to today’s pleasant dream-pop doodles, and mixes them up into a sweet and animated alphabet that oozes energy, enthusiasm and honest innocence.

Alongside the chromatic and colour-play possibilities that come with two layerable fonts, the jumpy, rough and curly elements that make up Schneeberger’s construct make this face a unique and essential tool for display and packaging aimed at catching the eyes of kids and teens. Use it for fantasy flicks, sugar-fix wrapping, and the elaborate backyard birthday party invite where the program is just as appealing for the adults as it is for the children.

P22 Schneeberger comes in solid and outline variants, each of which containing more than 400 characters, some very cool built-in stylistic alternates, a bunch of ligatures, and support for the majority of Latin languages.

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