About Muschamp

Prolific illustrator and veteran typographer Tracy Sabin draws on more than 40 years of multi-disciplinary design experience to bring us Muschamp Pro, a loopy, bouncy, free-form alphabet adaptable for many uses. It embodies the spirit of the massive art nouveau wave that broke out in the late 1950s and ingrained itself in popular culture for about three decades on both sides of the pond. Carefree, playful, rhythmic and versatile, this font evokes plenty of album jackets, children book covers, and cartoon titling from the times that really defined those design expressions and enshrined them as essential pop art.

Muschamp Pro comes with plenty of alternates, ligatures of both standard and discretionary varieties, and extended Latin language support, all contained in a glyphset of more than 500 characters. Use this font if you want your design to transmit a message of crafty and joyful activity.

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