Pouty Pro AaBbCc123
Pouty AaBbCc123
Pooper Black Pro AaBbCc123
Pooper Black AaBbCc123
Sweepy Pro AaBbCc123
Sweepy AaBbCc123
Sneaky Pro AaBbCc123
Sneaky AaBbCc123
Lucilee Pro AaBbCc123
Lucilee AaBbCc123
Monumental Titling AaBbCc123
Peanut Pro AaBbCc123
Peanut Regular AaBbCc123
Peanut Salted AaBbCc123
Peanut Sans Pro AaBbCc123
Peanut Sans AaBbCc123
Peanut Sans Alternate AaBbCc123
Shibumi AaBbCc123
Frenzy Regular AaBbCc123
Frenzy Marks AaBbCc123
Frenzy Sans AaBbCc123
Sting AaBbCc123
Brass Script Pro AaBbCc123
Brass Script Regular AaBbCc123
Fleurcross AaBbCc123
Michael Clark Collection (25 fonts)
Pouty Pro
Pouty Pro... AaBbCc123
Sweepy... AaBbCc123
Pouty... AaBbCc123
Lucilee Pro
Lucilee Pro... AaBbCc123
Sweepy Pro
Sweepy Pro... AaBbCc123
Pooper Black
Pooper Black... AaBbCc123
Sting... AaBbCc123
Lucilee... AaBbCc123
Pooper Black Pro
Pooper Black Pro... AaBbCc123
Monumental Titling
Monumental Titling... AaBbCc123
Sneaky... AaBbCc123
Peanut Pro
Peanut Pro... AaBbCc123
Peanut Sans Pro
Peanut Sans Pro... AaBbCc123
Peanut Regular
Peanut Regular... AaBbCc123
Fleurcross... AaBbCc123
Peanut Salted
Peanut Salted... AaBbCc123
Peanut Sans
Peanut Sans... AaBbCc123
Peanut Sans Alternate
Peanut Sans Alternate... AaBbCc123
Frenzy Regular
Frenzy Regular... AaBbCc123
Frenzy Marks
Frenzy Marks... AaBbCc123
Frenzy Sans
Frenzy Sans... AaBbCc123
Shibumi... AaBbCc123
Sneaky Pro
Sneaky Pro... AaBbCc123
Brass Script Pro
Brass Script Pro... AaBbCc123
Brass Script Regular
Brass Script Regular... AaBbCc123
About Michael Clark Collection

Michael Clark is a calligraphic lettering artist who resides in Richmond, Virginia. His work entails creation of logo designs, titling for CD's, Books and magazines as well as font development for both corporations and independent foundries.

Michael's designs have been a very large part of the IHOF collection since the type foundry launched in 2001. His calligraphic style is very unique and warm and has not gone unnoticed by the users of his designs, both casual and corporate alike. In particular, Pooper Black can be seen on countless signage and package materials as well as many other of the styles contained in this collection. His typographic knowledge, along with his attention to detail, results in letterforms and font designs with a timeless appeal.

***From February 12, 2021 until February 19, 2021, 100% of all sales of the Michael Clark fonts will go toward the Fundraiser for Michael Clark's medical bills. For more information or simply to donate directly, see this GOFUNDME page.***

Designer Credits:
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