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Metropolitan Roman was designed by Bruce Rogers in 1914 as "Centaur" based on Jenson's classic roman font circa 1470. Metropolitan Italic Pro (Opentype) combines two of Frederic Wardes versions of Arrighi. The Metropolitan Italic font is based on the final (Monotype) version of Arrighi with sharp ascender serifs that extend to the left. Metropolitan Italic Alt is based on the original Arrighi of 1925 and features pear shaped ascenders that extend to the right.

New small cap versions added in mid 2006.

Designer Credits:
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Design, samples & in-use

Centaur and Arrighi are still available in metal from The Bixler Letter Foundry
The Book about Centaur: The Noblest Roman: A History of the Centaur Types of Bruce Rogers
Metroploitan Specimen PDF

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