This font contains glyphs, a sample of which is shown above.
Goudy Sans AaBbCc123
Goudy Sans Light AaBbCc123
Goudy Sans Light Italic AaBbCc123
Goudy Sans Bold AaBbCc123
Goudy Sans Italic AaBbCc123
Goudy Sans Hairline AaBbCc123
About Goudy Sans

Goudy Sans Bold was originally designed by Frederic Goudy in 1922 as a less formal "gothic" and finished in 1929. The light was designed in 1930 and the Light Italic in 1931. Alternate letterforms are included in these three Goudy designs which are digitized true to their original design. In 2006, designer Colin Kahn drew "LTC Goudy Sans Regular" which is a medium weight version intended for text purposes. Kahn has also designed an experimental "LTC Goudy Sans Hairline" which has a skeletal almost mono-width stroke and results in a surprisingly elegant display face.

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