Custom Font Design

When the design or client calls for something special, something unique to reflect the original concept or when a distinct corporate identity is desired, and there is no font that is just looks right, a custom designed font can be just what is needed. Custom modification can also be desirable, as long as the original licensing conditions are met.

P22 can meet both of these needs - custom and the modification of existing fonts. P22 has created several custom fonts for clients and has type specialists on staff to be able to help define your needs and develop a solution that is just right. For original designs, or other custom font work including OpenType development, please Inquire for further information and to receive a quote.


Alphabets drawn by a calligrapher or lettering artist can be made into fully functional digital fonts. P22 digitization service varies from:

Logo font

Some companies want a font that can allow for a their company logo quickly from a keystroke. Stand alone logo fonts or modified fonts (providing the original font license allows modification) can accommodate this.

Custom type design

From a simple 26 letter alphabet to a complex international multi-weight font family, P22's experienced type design team and accommodate most needs.

Modified fonts

Do you love a certain P22 font but want a different design for the vowels? We can adapt any of our in house designs and any modifiable-allowed fonts from other vendors to suit your needs.

Custom Quote:

For any level of custom, please fill out the form to start the process for a quote:

Please describe your custom need in as much detail as possible:
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