P22 Blox Alphabet

This print was made by James Grieshaber in the P22 studio as an exercise in using the P22 Blox to make a minimal lowercase alphabet. Using slightly off primary colors, James tried to express each letter as a 2×2 form, and when there was an ascender or descender, letting them stray off and overprint the letters adjacent, to create an alphabetic block. A colophon printed in grey commemorates the invention of the plastic type used.

• 13¾" × 18¼"
• 10" × 12" image area
• Salmon, aqua, yellow, and grey inks
• Magnani Incisioni 310 gsm. (deckle along right edge)
• Limited edition of only 22
• Signed and numbered

P22 Blox Alphabet - $40.00 purchase
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