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Castellar Specimen
Occasionally we will have limited fonts of metal type cast at the The Letterfoundry of Michael & Winifred Bixler. The Bixler’s have been devoted to the book arts, particularly the craft of fine letterpress printing and traditional book typography, since 1965. The typefaces and ornaments produced by their shop foundry are all cast from English Monotype .050" drive matrices, and in a metal alloy of superior hardness. Unlike the other metal font offerings on our site, these do not have digital companions. These will also not likely be re-cast so when they are gone, they are gone, unless you place a special order directly with the Bixler’s.

Currently Available:

• 36-point
• 4A all caps font
• 7.5 lbs.
• A handsome display font for tilting
• Incised Roman letterform
• Designed in 1957 by John Peters for Monotype
• Supplies are very limited

Castellar -All caps font purchase
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