McScream Woodcut Print

Detail view

Included facsimile letter
This is a limited edition restrike using the original woodcut block done in the late 1980s by Richard Kegler. It was reprinted in 2010 on a Vandercook proofing press on Czech Velké Losiny paper. Also included is a facsimile letter from a large corporation who claimed this was trademark infringement after a few derivative products (Coffee mugs, watches, postcards) were made with this image. This was done as a Edvard Munch tribute/parody and as an artistic statement, therefore protected under fair use laws.The original woodcut block was unearthed and reprinted in a small edition, at the Western New York Book Arts Center.

• 7" x 9"
• Black ink with hand-colored red and yellow
• Czech Velké Losiny handmade paper
• Artist Proofs
• Limited quantity

McScream Woodcut Print - $35.00 soldout
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