A to Z Print Portfolio

This is a limited edition of 10 boxed sets, each features thirty letterpress prints by Richard Kegler: A through Z, Ampersand, and three unique make-ready monoprints. This series utilizes large vintage wood type from the the P22 Pollack Printing Collection. Each print is 12" with a 9" square image area, rendering the alphabet as a color and form study to both undermine and evoke the essence of each letter.

Prints are on Boxcar Flurry Cotton White 118# Cover, while the box labels and inner wrap are Mohawk Renewal wheat. The 3 signed make-ready monoprints vary with each set. The colophon sheet is signed and numbered. All are enclosed into a 12.5" square black presentation box with custom printed labels affixed.

• Paper size: 12" × 12"
• Image area: 9" × 9"
• Each print is between 2 and 8 passes through the press
• Boxcar Flurry Cotton White 118# Cover
• Signed and numbered colophon sheet
• Limited edition of only 10

A to Z Letterpress Print Portfolio - $750 purchase
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