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Eureka! - It’s Archimedes Screw!

HWT Archimedes is a new font released simultaneously in wood type and digital formats. As part of the partnership with the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, P22 Type Foundry has also teamed up with Virgin Wood Type to revive this lost artifact from graphic arts history.

Virgin Wood Type was commissioned to recreate "the font with the screws on it” for a prominent wood type collector/printer. This type is known as Page No. 122 created in 1879 and often known as a Mansard style font. Virgin Wood Type creates type for printers using the same methods that wood type manufacturers have used for over 150 years. When original historical patterns do not exist, new patterns must be made from new drawings. Original wood type proofs made at the Hamilton Museum provided source art for new drawings and patterns to be made by Virgin Wood Type. The process of making patterns includes creating vector drawings that are also the basis for digital fonts. It is fitting that type designer James Greishaber has spent the last few years working with Virgin Wood Type is now back at P22 Type Foundry and has seen this joint project through during his transition from Virgin to P22.

HWT Archimedes is 5 fonts that will allow you to change the screw heads to match your technical needs; Screw, Phillips, Hex, Star, or without. As a bonus, the screwheads themselves are accessible via a glyph palette, so you can put the screws to Comic Sans, or any other font, if you so desire. The VWT Archimedes will allow you to print with ink on paper—press not included. One of these fonts should fit your needs.

Our special introductory offer, get any of the digital HWT Archimedes fonts or the full set at 30% off the regular price until December 11, 2017.

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