Designer Profiles
Hajime Kawakami

Hajime Kawakami was born in 1953 and has been working as a Graphic Designer since 1974. He won the 1990 Morisawa International Typeface Design Competition with an Honorable Mention in the Latin Category.

Of his work, he says: "I am interested in typefaces, especially those of the Latin alphabet. I like their functional and geometric features, together with their simplicity. I would like to live as a designer relating to characters both Japanese and Latin. I am designing these characters, dreaming that my typefaces might be used for a signboard in an unknown town, or used by unknown people in the world."

Fonts by Hajime Kawakami:

Family of 3 fonts from IHOF

Family of 1 font from IHOF

Ching Mang
Family of 1 font from IHOF

Hiromina 03
Family of 3 fonts from IHOF

Family of 6 fonts from IHOF

Family of 3 fonts from IHOF

Family of 2 fonts from IHOF

Family of 1 font from IHOF
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