P22 Club
P22 Club for 2017

The P22 Club is now accepting memberships for 2017. The P22 Club, now in its 15th year, is an excellent value and a great way to save money on fonts and other fine things contained on the P22 website. The club membership is only $99.95 and offers its members many great benefits.

• 20% discount throughout the year for all purchases made on the P22 website, including fonts from any division of P22, IHOF, Lanston, or Hamilton, as well as merchandise. The discount can be used along with introductory and special offers for additional savings!

• an $80 credit towards future purchases

• The P22 Club is now valid for one year from the date of purchase (rather than the calendar year of all previous P22 clubs - January 1–December 31)

• Letterpress printed membership certificate suitable for cherishing sent later in the year

• Any printed materials produced throughout the year.

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