P22 enters the era of wood type

P22 Type Foundry in association with Virgin Wood Type announces the release of a completely new wooden version of the Czech Modernist font, Preissig Scrape. The bold expressionistic design is offered as a wood type font to letterpress printers and collectors. read more

Celtic Upper and Lower Case

The P22 Kells font set was designed with the intention of keeping it as historically accurate as possible. Aside from needing to adjust certain letters so that they looked more modern, the lettering styles used in the 9th century we very adaptable to the sensibilities and sophistication of today's computer user. This has proven to be the case as Kells is one of our best selling font sets. read more

ALL CAPS not always all good

We don't want to keep saying don't do that don't do this... but one of the great typographic crimes is to use all caps in a highly decorative font. Have you seen a shop sign such as YE OLDE CHEESE SHOPPE that uses all caps Old English letters. You think to yourself, it looks funny to me, but Im not a sign maker, they must know what they are doing and I'm the one who is wrong. are correct The person who made that sign should have been slapped read more

Don't Quote Me On That

Quotation marks are perhaps the most confusing punctuation marks for desktop publishers. More often than not, people simply use vertical prime marks (which are used to indicate inches and feet) and appear on the keyboard. read more


If you have ever looked closely at one of the P22 key charts you will notice several dashes, well, six to be exact. These dashes are the hyphen, minus sign, en dash, em dash, macron and underscore. Don't stop reading! These dashes are found in every font because each has a specific typographic and grammatical use, but you'll probably need to use only three of them. read more

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