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A Detective Story, A Love Story, A Font

Marcel is a brand new script typeface with a curious story on how it came to be. P22 Marcel is available as a basic font or as a Pro font with over 1300 characters packed with OpenType features. read more

P22 Backstory

We have been a bit lax in telling our own history. Occasionally people ask and we occasionally tell. Here is a recent article by Jessica Spring for Boxcar Presses new Flurry Journal and some coaxing from Jan Middendorp for Myfonts Creative Characters Newsletter reveals some little known facts about P22. read more

Goudy's Aries

Frederic Goudy designed Aries in 1925-26 as a commissioned private press typeface and cast it in one size, approximately 16 point. Like the William Morris Troy type, Aries is a stylized roman with blackletter characteristics. It was partially inspired by Subiaco, a type created in 1900 by Emery Walker for the Ashendene Press. read more

Economy of Typeface by Josef Albers

The following text features condensed translations of essays by Josef Albers regarding his rationale for the development of his Schabloneneschrift alphabets circa 1926. The Translations were executed by David Blocher for the Josef and Anni Albers read more

P22 Type Foundry
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