New Casting of Goudy's Cloister Initials

P22 Type Foundry and the Lanston Type Co. is pleased to present its second foray into the world of metal type. Cloister Initials are being made available for a very limited offering as 120 point (1 5/8") metal type. read more

Dearest Script now a Pro font!

The popular script font Dearest has been revived with hundreds more characters. read more

Wedge: A Carefully Considered Typeface

‘Wedge’ is the outcome of a search for the essence of a formal alphabet for text — for 26 letters of the simplest form consistent with ease of reading. read more

Introducing LTC Archive Ornaments

The Lanston Type Company occasionally reintroduces lost metal type designs back into the world of graphic design. We have used direct proofs of the patterns to digitize these designs and have optimized them to work as continuous borders or as standalone dingbats. read more

A Detective Story, A Love Story, A Font

Marcel is a brand new script typeface with a curious story on how it came to be. P22 Marcel is available as a basic font or as a Pro font with over 1300 characters packed with OpenType features. read more

Stickley Pro - A new Optical Text Font Family

P22 is very pleased to present the Stickley Optical Family. Created by designer Michael Stickley, this exceptional font family features nuanced attention to detail at each optical size. read more

Introducing HWT Tuscan Extended

Introducing HWT Tuscan Extended...the first digital version of an unusually decorated late 19th-century wood type read more

Matthew Carter's Wood Type

HWT Van Lanen, A new 2-part Wood Type design by Matthew Carter read more

LTC Italian Old Style Pro released

LTC Italian Old Style was originally released by P22/Lanston Type Company in 2006 as a basic 4 font family. Now updated with Opentype features and ornaments read more

P22 announces format change for all fonts!

In keeping up with current trends in font formats from PostScript and TrueType to Opentype and Webfonts, P22 type foundry has decided to anticipate the next inevitable format shift and offer its entire library only in two formats. read more

Athena - A new digitization of a lost metal face.

Athena is a rare typeface whose original matrices were destroyed and therefore thought to be lost to time. In the Fall of 2012, printing historian Rich Hopkins contacted P22 type foundry regarding a collection of inked type drawings he had just uncovered from his acquisition of the Baltimore base "Baltotype" company some 20 years ago. The Athena drawings included a full upper and lower case set, numerals, basic punctuation and alternate forms of some letters. read more

This American Type

The inaugural release for HWT was the 8 font system known as American Chromatic. In our ongoing research for specimens, we have found some interesting variations of this highly decorative font. The first inspiration to make this type into a digital font was after seeing a box in a glass cabinet behind the counter at the Hamilton Museum. read more

P22 type foundry revives important wood type designs

P22 type foundry and the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum are proud to announce a partnership that brings 19th Century ingenuity into relevance with the latest online technologies. This joint venture, known as the "Hamilton Wood Type Foundry" (HWT), will see a large collection of wood type designs converted into digital fonts that can be used with the latest Webfont CSS and Opentype programming abilities. read more

P22 enters the era of wood type

P22 Type Foundry in association with Virgin Wood Type announces the release of a completely new wooden version of the Czech Modernist font, Preissig Scrape. The bold expressionistic design is offered as a wood type font to letterpress printers and collectors. read more

Typecon in Buffao

P22 is busy with preparations of Typecon2008 as site committee and local hosts. We hope you stop us and say hello during the conference. A special new release will be announced on July 18th during a talk by Richard Kegler at TypeCon. watch for it. read more

Hoefer's Zebra

Karlgeorg Hoefer (1914–2000) was a highly accomplished calligrapher, type designer, and educator in the lettering arts. His typefaces have been released by the notable German foundries Ludwig & Mayer, Klingspor, Stempel, and Linotype. In the summer of 2007, P22’s International House of Fonts introduces a historic Hoefer design not previously available in the digital era. read more

Building Letters 3

The previous post involved an odd natural disaster that was detrimental to hundreds of thousands of trees and the inconvenience of a few days without power. This was in no way on the scale and scope of major disasters like the Asian Tsunami of late 2004. The Tsunami has not been mentioned much lately. Relief efforts continue long after the cameras have gone home and people are still in need of assistance. The Building Letters 3 project was initiated soon after the tsunami struck but was somewhat delayed. Thanks to Filip Blazek of and a few other volunteers, it is now available. Your donation will help a good cause plus you will get a magazine and CD with 25 fonts donated by noted type designers. read more

Friday the 13th - The log has landed

Coinciding with the launch of the new P22 Web Log, the forces of nature have, with cruel irony, landed a massive log on the front lawn of P22 corporate headquarters in Buffalo New York. It's now 3 days later and P22 has power back on. 250,000 people including the majority of P22 residential quarters are still without power. Buffalo NY gets more than an unfair reputation for being snowy all the time. It is not. Summers are quite nice and Autumn is usually quite amazing, and generally not bad most winters. However every 5 years or so we get a storm that is beyond description. This one is massive and freakish. 2 feet of wet snow fallen on trees with full green leaves has devastated the beautiful old trees of this city. We are coping fine, building cozy fires and now getting out the chainsaws to dismantle the huge tree fallen on the P22 lawn. Don't expect the usual high level of customer service for a week or so.Images of the morning of Friday the 13th and the following day can be found here. read more

Tsunami Relief - Font Aid III

P22 is proud to be part of the Font Aid project, More than 220 designers worldwide submitted over 400 glyphs for Fleurons of Hope, including Bob Aufuldish, Phil Baines, Peter Bilak, Matthew Carter, Chank Diesel, John Downer, Ed Fella, Verena Gerlach, Yanek Iontef, Jeffery Keedy, Barbara Klunder, Alessio Leonardi, Miles Newlyn, and Sumner Stone. Jim Lyles of Bitstream produced the complex typeface in OpenType for Windows and Macintosh OS X, with a TrueType version available for Mac OS 9 or earlier. read more

P22 Introduces Lanston Type

Lanston Type continues its hundred-plus year tradition of supplying quality type for discerning users. Now under the P22 type foundry family of font collections, Lanston-P22 will present many of the famous type designs of Frederic Goudy and Sol Hess as well as typographic classics that every designer should have in their library such as the Bodoni and Caslon families. Periodic releases will be announced along with introductory special pricing. read more

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