We’re So Sorry, Josef Albers

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This print has been sitting in our archive for a couple years and is now being presented for sale. Printed in January 2019 by Richard Kegler, this print takes the Josef Albers Homage to a square series in a slightly different direction. Josef Albers had painted hundreds of variations of his Homage to the Square exploring optics and most significantly: color theory. This print used the familiar Albers four concentric square composition from four, found type-high wood blocks. They are the backs of image and text blocks from the P22 Pollack Printing Collection. The texture and wood grain enhance the irregular block heights with inking accentuating artifacts of the blocks. Color is removed from the composition by using only Black, silver, and grey inks on glossy black stock.

• 13" × 19"
• Printed in 4 grey and silver inks on black
• Chromolux high gloss black 11pt cover stock
• Signed and numbered
• Limited edition of only 25

We’re So Sorry, Josef Albers - $40.00 soldout
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