Six Red Ampersands

For this print Richard Kegler uses various blocks from the P22 Pollack Printing Collection: six ampersands of ascending sizes, a large halftone block of a woman’s head (from some unknown advertising campaign) with her eye peering through an ampersand, and mysterious technical drawings carved into end-grain hardwood all printed on a Vandercook proof press. This minimal Pop art/Dadaist collage evokes the mid-century modernist graphic design of Lester Beall. Like many of the prints from this collection, the reflections and ink densities are hard to capture in photographs. The silver metallic stock adds an extra level of depth on the grouping of otherwise flat elements. Printed in 2021.

• 12.5" × 19"
• Black, red, and gold inks
• Zanders Chromolux 11.2pt silver cover stock
• Signed and numbered
• Limited edition of only 25

Six Red Ampersands Letterpress Print - $40.00 purchase
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