R’blox Cube

Despite a passing resemblance to another puzzle cube, the R’blox Cube presents multiple solutions, by letting you create every letter in the Latin, Greek, and basic Cyrillic alphabets. This glyph-creation puzzle uses the curves and lines of the P22 Blox modular letterpress-printing system as it basis. Ideal for any geometric or puzzle minded person to experiment with the myriad combinations achievable of not only alphabetic shapes, but to discover the happy accidents that happen on the other five sides.

Handsomely presented in a familiar toy design, this limited-edition offering comes with basic instructions that make it an enjoyable distraction for anyone. Equally pragmatic as a puzzler gift for creative thinkers and typographic aficionados or a means to experiment with the P22 Blox combinations. The R’blox Cube is available exclusively through P22 Type Foundry while supplies last.

You can print out this handy chart for solutions for the Latin, Greek, and basic Cyrillic alphabets, designed to be able to fold and fit into the box.

We are also offering the R’blox Cube FREE with the purchase of either the 90-piece or 264-piece Blox set, while supplies last.

R’blox Cube (Reg-$14.95) Sale - $9.95 purchase
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