P22 Type Vacuum Attachment

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Intrepid letterpress fans who rescue old metal type from barns, basements, and decades-long neglected shops know the frustration of dust, chipmunk nests, and mouse turds that can inhabit as much space as the type in an old case. The age-old dilemma of how to clean these out has been the bane of letterpress printers for ages. We found one solution that we absolutely love. This vacuum nozzle attachment allows light materials to be sucked up while leaving the type in place. Larger materials stay stuck to the nozzle while running and can be lifted away…again leaving the type in place.

• Cleans small debris while leaving type in place
• P22 branding
• Made of plastic
• One-size fits most vacuums

" I just wanted to say that this tool is absolutely BRILLIANT for cleaning job cases. Well done, P22!… The attachment is superb and is making 12-hour (or more like 24-hour for the smaller type!) grueling stints to recover job cases a 2-hour-ish endeavor. Best $15 bucks I've ever spent in the printing world, tbh!… Rarely do you run across an item that is transitional in some way to a field, but I really feel like this little tool is going to allow folks the chance to salvage more type that might otherwise end up as sinker weights for fishermen. With the dearth of metal type foundries in existence at this point, I think it's important to try to save as much existing metal type as we can as a field….Super little tool!"
- ---Emily Rusnak-Franconia Press

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