P22 Ltd. Edition Letterpress Print 3

Large Wood Type '2' used on print

22" x 30" printed on White Sommerset Velvet, 100% cotton, acid-free art paper, 3 colors.

Printed by P22 founder Richard Kegler
Signed and numbered
Edition of only 22 copies

P22 founder Richard Kegler spent 2007-2012 working on the WNY Book Arts Center where he was artistic director. The work at the book arts center has been pivotal in the development of a new line of wood type fonts with Hamilton Wood Type Museum.

This limited edition print uses a 2 foot high vintage wood type number 2 (Yellow) along with a smaller vintage hand-cut two (Magenta) and a still quite large, but smaller wood type P (Cyan). Hand inked and printed on a 22 x 28 showcard press, this print edition is inspired by Pop Art and the pure yet flawed texture of woodtype. The uncoated paper takes the ink in varying capacity with the lighter colors printed on top of the darker to maximize color blending.

This print is the third in the series. The first is completely sold out, but there are a couple left of the second print in the series.

If you order this print, we will also include some P22 posters from years past (might as well fill up that shipping tube!).

While supplies last.

purchase P22 Wood Type Print #3 - $50.00
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