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The P22 book and deci annual report
ISBN: 0963108247

The history of P22, like all history, is filled with a mix of myth, fact, conjecture and legend. The first 10 years of P22 Type Foundry (1994–2004) have transpired with their share of highs and lows and a legacy filled with many digital fonts and other fine things. This book will in no way give a concise history of P22 Type Foundry, but rather a lush view into a few select projects and details of the vast P22 empire.

This limited edition features include:
• 10” x 10” format
• 36 pages
• 6 different kinds of paper, including translucent sheets
• Process, spot, and metallic inks
• Varnish overprints
• Die-cutting
• Foil-stamping
• Debossing
• Grommet bound spine
• Limited edition of 500 available

Divided into three distinct sections, this book requires interaction from the reader.

Section 1: Inspiration-Process-Results
Completely visual, this section features a barrage of design elements that begin with items of inspiration for various P22 projects. It flows through a double fold out section to a culmination of finished projects.

Section 2: The Art of Printing/P22 Team in Action
Five diptych spreads feature photographs by Eric Frick. A detail of printing machinery in action is paired with semi-fictional portraits of the five principal members of the P22 company.

Section 3: P22 Deci-Annual Report and Book notes
In complete contrast to Section 1 and Section 2, Section 3 is text only and gives the reader the stories behind much of the imagery seen in the previous sections of the book.

Detailed production notes give further insight into the book and its making. The overall effect is a slightly surreal coffee table book with a heaping helping of self-deprecating humor and some genuine insight into the workings of P22 Type Foundry.

We could go on and describe more details of the book, but suffice to say it is epic. OK, perhaps not that epic, but the physical attributes are: 10” x 10” in size, about 36 pages, 6 different kinds of paper, metallic inks, die cutting, foil stamping, debossing, varnish overprints, translucent sheets, grommet binding and rare photographic evidence of the elusive staff of P22 in their natural habitat. Produced as a limited edition (in collaboration with Mohawk Paper, Eric Frick Photography, and Petit Printing) of 2500 copies with 500 set aside for sale. Surely never to be reprinted.

Won the following awards:
• Step Inside Design 100 Award 2006
• How Design Award 2006
• Graphis Annual Reports 2006
• American Graphic Design Excellence winner 2006
• WNY ADDY winner 2006 —2 Gold Awards
• Buffalo Printing House Craftsmen—Gold award & Best of Show 2006

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