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P22 Blox - Made in the USA

P22 Blox is a set of modular letterpress printing blocks made from space age material—plastic! It allows for a wide variety of lettering, experimental letterforms and pattern making, giving printers an entirely new medium to inspire modern presswork. This project was created as a collaboration between P22 Analog and Starshaped Press in Chicago.

The initial P22 Blox sets were delivered in early 2016. A limited second run of P22 Blox was made in mid 2016. We have just cast our 3rd version of the Blox in stunning yellow as of July 2018. Supplies are limited.

• P22 Blox are 72 point (6-line or 1") square
• There are positive and negative shapes for overlay options.
• P22 Blox contains enough variants to form any letters, numbers or abstract patterns.
• Blox features tight edges so the solids (both positive and negative sets) can be locked up as continuous artwork,as is the intention of wood type ’streamer’ fonts.
• Standard 6-line furniture and spacing can be used for additional lockup.
• Each block is 1" x 1" x .918" with a tolerance of +/- .003 inch.
• The Blox are injection molded in Upstate New York using Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE).

Included in the box:
• Either 90 or 264 pieces.
• Introduction Booklet - for sample alphabet layouts and design ideas
• P22 Blox laser cut stencil - for hand drawn mockups
P22 Blox digital font - for digital mockups and digital layouts
• STL 3-D printer files - to print your own 3-D Blox on any 3-D printer

More information:
• Read about P22 Blox development via our kickstarter page.
• See how printers are using P22 Blox at our Pinterest Gallery.
• Order single blox at P22 analog site.

purchase P22 Blox 90 piece set - $199
purchase P22 Blox 264 piece set - $499
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