Burst was made as a companion print for Incendiary. Similarly, this print was consciously inspired by the style of Soviet Constructivist paintings by Kasimir Malevich and the Dada collages of Kurt Schwitters among other early avant garde typographers including H.N. Werkman and Aleksandr Rodchenko.

For this print Richard Kegler used blocks from the P22 Pollack Printing Collection that were previously cut in a haphazard way by the previous owner, the fragmented text was selected from the scrap boxes of the collection. Each layer was locked up in the press with wedge shaped spacers to visualize a radiating barrage of text from a central point on the page.

• 26" x 19"
• Seven runs through the press using red, yellow, grey, and four passes of black ink
• 175gms BFK Rives Heavyweight white stock
• Signed and numbered
• Limited edition of only 25

Burst letterpress print - $60.00 purchase
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