Bixler Lombardic Caps

Lombardic Caps are being made available for a very limited offering as sets of 48-point metal type, each containing the letters A-Z plus an alternate T and two Celtic crosses. These Lombardic caps were originally designed by Frederic Goudy and released through Lanston Monotype in 1928. This style of letterform originated in northern Italy and is reminiscent of the of decorative upper-case letters used in inscriptions and at the start of a section of text in medieval manuscripts.

Included with your order of the physical type is a digital font called LTC Goudy Text Lombardic Caps. This digital font contains all the initials found in this metal type set to help you compose your work on screen before heading to press.

This type is cast at the Letterfoundry of Michael & Winifred Bixler in Skaneateles, NY on a Monotype Super Caster with Lanston Monotype mats. This set is cast with the more durable foundry type metal. The Bixler’s have been devoted to the book arts, particularly the craft of fine letterpress printing and traditional book typography, since 1965. The typefaces and ornaments produced by their shop foundry are all cast from English Monotype .050" drive matrices, and in a metal alloy of superior hardness. The metal used to cast these initials came from American Type Foundry and assorted European foundry type metal.

Bixler Type Handypack No. 16 - $44.95 purchase
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