Aurora Boogie-Woogie

The use of found objects in printmaking is nothing new, though it’s still an exciting endeavour. Some objects just beg to be inked and printed. A set of double-12 dominos found in a junk shop seemed to be the perfect printing matrix. The domino prints were layered in two different directions to explore color interaction. The orange handmade paper from Papeterie St. Armand in Montréal was contrary to the standard background color of white, so the approach used for this print was a compensatory desaturation of the primary colors cyan, magenta and yellow. Black was mixed in to a point of almost removing any perceivable color. It is hard to capture the subtle differences of the colors, but the print itself shows very gradual differences in the build up of these three-toned grays. On the white paper version of the print, the pure CMY colors show a much more dynamic palette. The print’s name, Aurora Boogie-Woogie, is a nod to Piet Modrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie.

Blacks on Orange Edition:
• 15" x 20" (Image area 13" x 13")
• Red-Black, Yellow-Black, and Blue-Black inks
• St. Armand orange art paper
• Signed and numbered
• Very limited edition of only 12

CMY on White Edition:
• 15" x 22" (Image area 13" x 13")
• Red, Yellow, and Blue inks
• Strathmore Pure Cotton 111 lb. white art paper
• Signed and numbered
• Very limited edition of only 20

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