P22 Ltd. Edition Letterpress Print 4
P22 Wood Type Print #4

P22 Typographic Notebooks
Typographic Miscellany 3 Notebook Set

Letterpress Posters
Limited Edition Letterpress Posters

P22 Pint Glasses
16 oz. glass pints with a nifty P22 logo in black and gold

Making Faces DVD
Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century A film by Richard Kegler

P22 Specimen Chapbooks
32 page specimen booklets with hand printed covers

P22 Playing Cards
Regulation size and finish poker cards as type specimen

Dear Mr. Hunter Book
The letters of Vojtech Preissig to Dard Hunter 1920-1925 —$14.95

P22 Book
...Thoughts on Ideas for Inspiration towards...

Hamilton Letterpress Cards
Hamilton Wood Type Letterpress Cards

William Caslon Experience CD
An audio accompaniment and remix for the Calson fonts

Futurismo Soundtrack CD
The first ever soundtrack to a font

Beatsville CD
P22 re-issue of the classic 1959 LP -plus a font!

Indie Fonts
First Volume of the Indie Fonts Series

Indie Fonts 2
Second Volume of the Indie Fonts Series

Indie Fonts 3
Third Volume of the Indie Fonts Series

P22 Ltd. Edition Letterpress Print 3
P22 Wood Type Print #3

P22/ Atom Smash Records CD bundle
7 assorted CDs from the P22 record label of the 1990s!

Stern Specimen Booklet
Limited edition booklet
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