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Update on why there have been no recent P22 blog posts and where new info can be found. read more

New Casting of Goudy's Cloister Initials

P22 Type Foundry and the Lanston Type Co. is pleased to present its second foray into the world of metal type. Cloister Initials are being made available for a very limited offering as 120 point (1 5/8") metal type. read more

Dearest Script now a Pro font!

The popular script font Dearest has been revived with hundreds more characters. read more

Wedge: A Carefully Considered Typeface

‘Wedge’ is the outcome of a search for the essence of a formal alphabet for text — for 26 letters of the simplest form consistent with ease of reading. read more

Introducing LTC Archive Ornaments

The Lanston Type Company occasionally reintroduces lost metal type designs back into the world of graphic design. We have used direct proofs of the patterns to digitize these designs and have optimized them to work as continuous borders or as standalone dingbats. read more

A Detective Story, A Love Story, A Font

Marcel is a brand new script typeface with a curious story on how it came to be. P22 Marcel is available as a basic font or as a Pro font with over 1300 characters packed with OpenType features. read more

P22 on Behance and Pinterest

P22 is now using as well as Pinterest to spotlight details behind the fonts. read more

Stickley Pro - A new Optical Text Font Family

P22 is very pleased to present the Stickley Optical Family. Created by designer Michael Stickley, this exceptional font family features nuanced attention to detail at each optical size. read more

P22 Specimen Chapbook Set

The 6 P22 type specimen chapbooks are now all released! We may consider future additions to the series, but for now, the set is all released as planned. Plus, a special limited edition set is available! read more

Welcome to P22's New website!

Redesigned from the ground up, the new P22 website features an improved user experience for finding, previewing and purchasing fonts. read more

Introducing HWT Tuscan Extended

Introducing HWT Tuscan Extended...the first digital version of an unusually decorated late 19th-century wood type read more

Matthew Carter's Wood Type

HWT Van Lanen, A new 2-part Wood Type design by Matthew Carter read more

Presenting HWT Gothic Round

HWT Gothic Round from the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry: The font, a softened variation of a standard heavy Gothic typeface was first introduced as wood type by the George Nesbitt Co. in 1838. read more

LTC Italian Old Style Pro released

LTC Italian Old Style was originally released by P22/Lanston Type Company in 2006 as a basic 4 font family. Now updated with Opentype features and ornaments read more

HWT Slab- lost twins of bold, rugged wood type.

HWT Slab features two styles-Antique and Columbian. These two extra bold fonts are classic slab serif wood type styles with one detail of difference. read more

Making Faces: DVD deluxe version now available!

Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century is now available in a deluxe package with subtitles and other bonus features. read more

Announcing HWT Unit Gothic- A Wood Type Font System in 7 Widths

The Unit Gothic series was released by Hamilton Manufacturing Co. in 1907. This sans serif family features one of the first multi width/weight type 'systems', anticipating the Univers font system by 50 years. This set of 7 fonts was designed to aid in press room efficiency and its incremental variation in widths gave poster printers unprecedented flexibility in fitting copy while using consistently harmonious fonts. read more

P22 announces format change for all fonts!

In keeping up with current trends in font formats from PostScript and TrueType to Opentype and Webfonts, P22 type foundry has decided to anticipate the next inevitable format shift and offer its entire library only in two formats. read more

Athena - A new digitization of a lost metal face.

Athena is a rare typeface whose original matrices were destroyed and therefore thought to be lost to time. In the Fall of 2012, printing historian Rich Hopkins contacted P22 type foundry regarding a collection of inked type drawings he had just uncovered from his acquisition of the Baltimore base "Baltotype" company some 20 years ago. The Athena drawings included a full upper and lower case set, numerals, basic punctuation and alternate forms of some letters. read more

This American Type

The inaugural release for HWT was the 8 font system known as American Chromatic. In our ongoing research for specimens, we have found some interesting variations of this highly decorative font. The first inspiration to make this type into a digital font was after seeing a box in a glass cabinet behind the counter at the Hamilton Museum. read more

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Welcome to P22's New website!

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