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P22 Type Foundry was founded in 1994 as the primary brand of the Buffalo-based artist collective known as P22, Inc to focus on type design. Today, P22 Type Foundry not only contains the original collection of titles mainly commissioned by the world's most renowned art museums, galleries and institutions, but also 3 divisions and several designer collections, including IHOF, LTC and HWT.

After an auspicious start, and with the great success of fonts based on artist's handwriting such as Cezanne, Monet and Da Vinci as well as titles commissioned from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and the Dard Hunter Estate, P22 unveiled the International House of Fonts, aka IHOF, in 2000. IHOF differed from P22 in that the fonts were designed by 3rd party font designers from around the globe and were available in download format only. The result is an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary designs, elegant scripts and conceptual designs. In 2004, P22 further expanded with the news that it had acquired the venerable Lanston Type Library. This historical and type rich collection dating back to the 1800s would be become known as the Lanston Type Co.. In 2012, P22 announced it's latest collaboration with the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum to offer classic wood type never before available in digital format that can be used with the latest Webfont CSS and OpenType programming abilities. This collaboration is known as the Hamilton Wood Type Collection.

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