About this site
P22 type foundry is pleased to announce the newly redesigned P22 website.

Redesigned from the ground up, the new P22 website features an improved user experience for finding, previewing and purchasing fonts.

With the new P22 website, fonts can be previewed from any of the four collections (P22, International House of Fonts, Lanston & Hamilton) and easily searched via keywords within all collections. Each font family page features live WebFonts for testing out any text you might want to see in any font, as well as hand-picked similar font recommendations. The TypeCaster tool allows you to choose any fonts to compare your exact text side-by-side with any of our other fonts. In addition, links to sample specimens and expanded "behind the fonts" pages give background history and additional insights into the making of many of our fonts.

The new user account feature allows you to save your basic information for easy access to your order history. Upon setting up your new account, you can download a new free font that is not otherwise available to the public. Opting into our mailing list means you will get announcements and sales notices on an occasional basis.

Now all font in any of the P22 Type Foundry collections can be purchased as OpenType desktop or WebFont formats as well as easy licensing for apps and e-publications. Licensing options are clearly explained so you can choose the right license for your needs. Immediate download means you can have your new fonts in minutes and start using them for your projects.

P22 Collections and Source Material

Each font family is color coded to designate which collection it is part of. The collections each have their own focus but are all under the P22 umbrella of quality fonts with attention to the vast history of type.
P22 type foundry (P22) - The classic Art and Design history collection
International House of Fonts (IHOF) - Designers from around the world
Lanston Type Co (LTC) - Designs originally made in metal from the Lanston Monotype Company
Hamilton Wood Type Foundry (HWT) - A partnership with the Hamilton Wood Type museum

All digital fonts draw on the history of type and lettering design in some way. Some type makers use direct historical models but do not always acknowledge or may not be aware of the sources they are referencing. With all of the P22 collections, we strive to not only acknowledge the sources, but also seek out lost designs to bring them into the designers vocabulary. For designs that are not in the public domain, P22 licenses through the proper channels to assure that foundations, museums, artists estates, and designers are acknowledged and fonts are as authentic as possible. Royalties are paid to designers and institutions and all sales support further research and development of the long history of lettering and type…and ultimately new designs for you, the designer. Thank you for your continued support.

Nuts and Bolts and CSS

This site was a collaboration with the design team at P22 led by Miranda Roth and the programming of Mario Giambanco.

All fonts rendered on the P22 site are web fonts in actual use. The serif heading type is LTC Cloister Bold and the body copy and all other sans serif is the wonderful P22 Underground Book.

Still can't find fonts you are looking for?

In the unlikely event you cannot find the perfect font here at P22, we suggest you might try our friends over at Myfonts. They have all of our fonts and a few thousand more!

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